Man Jailed After Police Find 3D Printed Gun And US Lawmaker Kill List -
(or genetic intelligence, human intelligence, and artificial intelligence. So, 11, which you guys seem to be excited about, is on the verge of human intelligence).
6 Childhood (EnLIGHTenment)
12 Puberty (Watery Fluid)
18 Adulthood (Hub around which things rotate)
If light hits water, the reflection that bounces back will be in between the source of light and the water.
Pattern of 6S in manufacturing matches this pattern, as do six days in Genesis. Light water hub; light water hub. First two fingers for light weight; middle fingers are associated with watery fluid; thumb locks into things in such a way that a p...
Lightning, ocean, and eye of the storm. Light, water, and hub. That's the pattern of the three triangular numbers. What's confusing to me is that the ocean is the center of the hurricane. Just time lapse in a hypothetical scenario. Th...
Super Full Moon In Virgo- Energy Update
This is for a vid I am making for
That's more like future impossible tense.
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hello world, SV
Well, it is a beta software until everything's smooth as silk so... if you don't like to be a beta tester don't join :)
How the triangular numbers change in relation to each other may be the most important in retaining a lack of confusion in my own stuff at this time. It may be that the third takes the central position as the whole integer develops. This is the c...
It descends into Earth... Only to rise into new life? Yay!!! Hahaha! We win! Anyway... I'll leave everybody alone for now.
Lowest point? The opposite of the center of the universe (the Projector, the source of the "thread" that weaves itself into the fabric of spacetime)?
How To Get People To Go Vegan - The Disclosure Podcast (Episode 2)
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It's a less know fact but Blockstream Trapped Candidate loves turning every good vibe to...
"It comes naturally to a modern to suppose that the new astronomy made a profound impression on men's minds; but when we look into the literary texts we find it rarely mentioned. The idea that it produced a shock comparable to that which D...
Now Yellow Vests Being Called "Anti-Semitic," More Docs Expose FBI-Clinton Coverup & US 'Mini-Nukes'
#YellowVests #Antisemitism #FBI #Clinton #Venezuela #SaudiArabia #Iran #MiniNukes
AIPAC Just The Tip Of The Iceberg, Amash Calls Out Yemen Bill Loophole & US Secret Talks With Maduro
#AIPAC #Israel #Syria #FalseFlag #Venezuela #BlackCube #PsyGroup #JustinAmash #Yemen