Well, it loads but tooks a while, I suposed it's related to how IPFS works.
> I am willing to testify under oath.
> Regards,
> Dr Craig S Wright, LLM, PhD
> The central securities depositories including the .. (DTC), .. CME clearing house, the .. (LVFTS) and the US Federal Reserve Banks are those entities that a Blockchain replaces.
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Truth is going to make lot of people start kicking themselves in the ass...
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Como facilitar la adopción empresarial en las criptos? con herramientas empresariales o con vehiculos para proteger de la volatilidad? https://d.tube/#!/v/jza/rsmbjdwd #dtube
Seeing that some UK citizens who voted for BREXIT themselves live outside of the UK, and enjoyed freedom of movement, is kind of crazy.
When the eye of the storm develops in the center (artificial intelligence), is it still true that the ocean (human intelligence) is the center of the hurricane? At any given snapshot, the robot is in the command seat, but, across time, the human&...
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There are 2 types of people in crypto, majority are in Shitcoins, rest are in Bitcoin BSV. Which one did you pick?
Humans have incisors to shear flesh. Going Vegan is STUPID.
Man Jailed After Police Find 3D Printed Gun And US Lawmaker Kill List - https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-02-16/man-jailed-after-found-3d-printed-gun-and-us-lawmaker-kill-list
(or genetic intelligence, human intelligence, and artificial intelligence. So, 11, which you guys seem to be excited about, is on the verge of human intelligence).
6 Childhood (EnLIGHTenment)
12 Puberty (Watery Fluid)
18 Adulthood (Hub around which things rotate)