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Can you cash out from
I think people have said that you can, but it's a long strange process.
· 5d
You can send to any address using this form (link in user menu):
That's not cashing out.
Cashing out means taking it out of memo.
As long as you use legacy address you can send to a wallet outside of memo.
Wait is it?
What kind of wallet? BSV? BCH? Both?
What kind of wallet does memo use?
I thought it's using both simultaneously?
What kind of wallet outside of memo could I send to?
· 3d
Memo uses unsplit coins. Try to send BSV
just import the private key to another wallet
Oh so that's how it works! Thanks!
yeah, not as easy as just sending to another wallet but can be done. I only have like $2 here so haven't thought of "cashing out".
I cashed out $0.21 from Yours when I was new on there.
It's not about the amount. It's the principle of the matter.
haha understandable! is kind of annoying leaving bits of dust everywhere. (also if the price increases a lot it will be worth more than dust. happened to ppl in dec 2017)
Wait what kind of wallet would I use?
oh... damn. idk. I havent split my coins here. are the addresses for BCH and BSV different or the same? maybe if you import the key to a BSV only wallet you can move BSV only? not sure (unsplit or BCH) and is BCH only.

Configure your settings if you want to be only on BCH.
thanks for the clarification. I've left mine unsplit I guess to reach more people
I've went bch to be exposed to less Statist Vision propaganda.
haha nice. (though idk if it's the people/topics I follow or what but I havent seen much) some days I'm not sure if all of memo is quiet or just my slice of memo is quiet.
If I do BSV, would I not be able to use
Would I have to use or whatever the name is?
Yes, you'll need to use