Yesterday 328110-327732=378 memo transactions. Number of transactions📉15.1%|abc(328093-327715=378,📉15.1%),sv(718152-718052=100,📉33.8%)
I appreciate it. Look, we had to choose, we don't have any bad blood against our brothers of BCH. I wish we didn't have to split but it happened and we chose what was best for HandCash
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hello world, SV
Well, it is a beta software until everything's smooth as silk so... if you don't like to be a beta tester don't join :)
Now Yellow Vests Being Called "Anti-Semitic," More Docs Expose FBI-Clinton Coverup & US 'Mini-Nukes'
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AIPAC Just The Tip Of The Iceberg, Amash Calls Out Yemen Bill Loophole & US Secret Talks With Maduro
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Credit cards suck for retailers
Sorry, but flat earth is the lowest point of ignorance and stupidity.
You are missing the point.

HandCash handles are just an ID for Cashport. P2P is a very small side feature of them. P2P is a small niche. B2B is where the money is.
Flat-earthers are the most retarded people on the planet.
#Roblox Adopt Me Gameplay! I got the Valentines Heart Hoverboard and THE UNICORN CYCLE and Icecream stroller!
Rafa (CTO) can explain much better but there are many layers and controls to ensure that doesn't happen in any expected way. Also in the event that would happen the system would notify
Has anyone checked out the Socialism topic on Memo? It got about as many posts as a Socialist grocery store has food... not much