Sorry, but flat earth is the lowest point of ignorance and stupidity.
Your name fits this comment very well.
hello world, SV
Yesterday 328110-327732=378 memo transactions. Number of transactions📉15.1%|abc(328093-327715=378,📉15.1%),sv(718152-718052=100,📉33.8%)
Reconsider getting a brain.
My talk about Memo from CoinGeek Week in November.

I appreciate it. Look, we had to choose, we don't have any bad blood against our brothers of BCH. I wish we didn't have to split but it happened and we chose what was best for HandCash
BCH should have something similar to the HandCash app
You are missing the point.

HandCash handles are just an ID for Cashport. P2P is a very small side feature of them. P2P is a small niche. B2B is where the money is.
New blog post about how on-chain identity and reputation might look in the future.
Reconsidering Flat Earth
Police raid the place expects to do a cannabis grow OP. Find q mining setup instead.
Lovesong for Satoshi Nakamoto Whitepaper

My music video from 2015 just hit 100k views :) Thank you so much everyone for watching!!

Yesterday 327287-326789=498 memo transactions. Number of transactions📈79.1%|abc(327270-326773=497,📈78.8%),sv(717901-717728=173,📈34.1%)
Or you can just return to BSV ;)
damn, what shitty "service"
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You can send to any address using this form (link in user menu):
But I’m sure nee BCH wallets with a similar UI to what we have now might appear. The problem is... the UI is not what matters. It’s the UX and utility. I hope you BCH the best! <3
Just got lucky
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Memo uses unsplit coins. Try to send BSV
Everyone in the industry already knows that Calvin Ayre said he would go with the coin that won the hash war(BCH). Anybody that says differently is either lying or stupid or both.