Everyone in the industry already knows that Calvin Ayre said he would go with the coin that won the hash war(BCH). Anybody that says differently is either lying or stupid or both.
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Yesterday 326511-326075=436 memo transactions. Number of transactions📈38.4%|abc(326495-326059=436,📈38.4%),sv(717599-717441=158,📉6.0%)
Just got the update for my NPC programming & OMG. You’re right. Literally everything on 4chan is fake. 0% chance of any of its real.
this memo aged well
First person to respond I'll tip 53k sat
Citizens should fight the tyrant, thats true, but without guns its impossible.
sent Artist Rahul
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Welcome to Memo!
memo.cash (unsplit or BCH) and abc.memo.cash is BCH only.

Configure your settings if you want to be only on BCH.
Yesterday 326789-326511=278 memo transactions. Number of transactions📉36.2%|abc(326773-326495=278,📉36.2%),sv(717728-717599=129,📉18.4%)
Wait is it?
What kind of wallet? BSV? BCH? Both?
What kind of wallet does memo use?
I thought it's using both simultaneously?
What kind of wallet outside of memo could I send to?
That's not cashing out.
Cashing out means taking it out of memo.
No nation should rely on the US to remove their tyrants.
Oh so that's how it works! Thanks!
served over 20,000 meals to a hungry community in Uganda (2005-2007), who wants to help revive this program?
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BTC - talks about price and LN
BCH - talks about CSW
BSV - talks about what cool thing was build today
Yesterday 326075-325760=315 memo transactions. Number of transactions📉31.7%|abc(326059-325744=315,📉31.7%),sv(717441-717273=168,📈12.8%)
I'm beginning to think there's something nefarious going on behind the scenes that ties all of those guys together. My thought is there's a pnd machine they're in on,
thanks for the clarification. I've left mine unsplit I guess to reach more people
gist is that 1)nukes/jets/missiles can’t control a population (subjugation != killing) 2)more ppl would join the rebels than expected So resisting gov tyranny & winning a traditional
Can't we share Photography and Artwork here?
Edin Jusupovic: I disclosed a vulnerability in litecore (insight-lite-api) maintained by the LTC dev team. NOT patched, can exploit it TODAY. There are serious exploits, you will hear about them from news articles...
"LN is a whole lot of obfuscation and hocus pocus to accomplish in an overly complex way what bitcoin can do on-chain and at scale, as proven by tests with larger blocks. ... it is attempting to be forced onto users.