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Korea’s Biggest Messaging App Kakao to Integrate Crypto Wallet For 44 Million Users

Brave Browser latest Android Version (1.0.88) now supports Brave Rewards

Bitcoin Cash Developers Launch Privacy-Preserving Light Client Neutrino

New Tasking Platform Lazyfox.io Rewards Users With Bitcoin Cash

Free Ross Ulbricht

Another amazon.ca purchase via purse.io and paid for with Bitcoin Cash.

Your turn now.
Use Vaultoro to buy and sell physically allocated gold stored in Swiss vaults in your name and pay with Bitcoin Cash. My referral link below if interested.

Use purse.io for all your Amazon purchases and pay with Bitcoin Cash. You can choose your own discount (I typically choose 15%). My referral link below if interested.

‘Crypto’ Movie Stirs Backlash by Pushing Bitcoin-Money Laundering Narrative

4 of Tokyo's Hottest Nightclubs to Accept Bitcoin Cash

Roger Ver-Backed CoinFLEX to Offer Physical Crypto Futures With a Twist

I just made another amazon.ca purchase using purse.io and paid with BCH. Saved 18%.
The difference between Sammy Hagar and Bill Clinton.

Your Purse.io order has shipped!

(Paid with BCH of course and saved 18%)
I just donated some BCH to https://freeross.org/donate/

Please do the same.
Friendly reminder to everyone to make all your Amazon purchases through purse.io and pay with Bitcoin Cash. Save 15% - 30% on your order each time and help spread adoption of BCH.
Breaking Whale Alert: $257 Million Worth of BTC Were Sent From an Inactive Address

Bitcoin Cash SV trading is now available on https://www.quadrigacx.com/

We have now added the Bitcoin Cash SV balances to all the accounts and allowed trading to begin.
This stupid split has sucked the absolute life out of the Bitcoin Cash community. Its such a tragedy.
Nail in the Coffin? BTC.top Shifts Hash to Bitcoin Cash ABC to ‘End Chaos’

Markets Update: Traders Expecting Major BCH Action When Exchanges Open

TxStreet just got busy.

Less than an hour to go. Gotta admit, this is entertaining as heck.
Bitmain Reshuffles Board Ahead of IPO, CEO Jihan Wu Loses Executive Power

BitClub Network Position on Hard Fork:

BitClub will NOT be supporting this new token if it's created, and starting November 14th we will disable all BCH transactions.