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· 20 hours ago
No. It cleansed Bitcoin. Just like the BTC-BCH split did.
LN needs to be an "all in", and it fails Bitcoin has multiple forks. Not a weakness in my opinion but I understand what you mean
Don't you think big hubs will be wallet-hubs for instance ? At least these hubs will generate a lot of money, but maybe I'm wrong and the incentive is laughable
One thing I like, a lot, about LN, is that everyone is incentived really hard to develop this new ecosystem coz they'll host large hubs thanks to being early once LN is complete (if one day it is)
And to withdraw ..
Anyway you don't want to withdraw from LN anyway due to high fees so it's not a problem
Withdraw from LN to get BTC ? Or withdraw from BTC to get fiat ? It's not surprising that you need KYC to get BTC ...
That is more easy on BSV with large op_return txs I guess
Bch has like 10% of btc hashrate and same hash algo isnt it ? So yeah you need their permission
If you don't put all the eggs on the LN basket it won't work cause it needs capacity. But yeah it needs to solve that ..
They let bch-guys fork off, that's more than enough
What do you mean ?
It's ok to don't like LN, but it has some interesting use cases (see, LN apps could be a huge thing)
Coinspice made a video about LN, they show that it's easy to use
And everyone should encrypt their emails so that terrorist can easily hide in the mass
Ppl buying drugs with bitcoin, laundering money, all that stuff. If you want to hold for the long term you should'nt mix your coins with thoses people, your coins can be "blacklisted"
Why would I mix my coins with criminals ones ? Am I getting paid for that ?
It's because it's a new site, if someone floods the owner will find quickly a solution agaisnt it. And the fact it's on chain makes it really easy to spam
That's nice ! Good luck
How that makes them less vurenable to hacks ?