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The United States is a nation of laws: badly written and randomly enforced.


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Credit cards suck for retailers
Low quality comments really could be created by software:

Julian Assange warned us A.I. would be used to manage public opinion at least a couple years ago:
Coinbase - We have now begun emailing customers that held Bitcoin Cash (BCH) at the time of the hard fork with instructions on how to withdraw their corresponding Bitcoin SV
What makes it a shitcoin in your eyes?
probably involving tether and Bitfinex.
I'm beginning to think there's something nefarious going on behind the scenes that ties all of those guys together. My thought is there's a pnd machine they're in on,
"For some reason FluffyPony really hates Bitcoin Cash.
I don't understand, because Monero itself is a successful attempt at the community taking over a coin from bad actors in control of the repository.
If you spend more than 5K and the gov't wants to know! And don't be fooled, the notice threshold is much closer to 1K!"
Gold was made into a similar tool long ago with various executive orders to "protect" fiat. Don't look now, but they've done it with cash too.
"The blockchain could be a very useful tool to the establishment. As a digital gold, it would be out of reach to the masses, and only held by the rich, with the blockchain binding (and mapping) the flow of wealth.
JP Morgan is rolling out the first cryptocurrency by a US bank to transform the payments business
why Bitcoin Cash, as money for the world, is such a huge threat to TPTB; they cannot control it.
about peer to peer cash, money for the world, then you would need to shut down all the businesses, users, exchanges, basically the entire Internet to stop it. This is the main reason
Store of value is a stupid narrative because it makes censoring and controlling the movement of such cryptocurrencies easy. You can do that by blocking the main chokepoints such as exchanges. But if we are talking
How can it be so unevenly distributed even after Lee sold his early coins?
it is just that they didn't even care about keeping appearances that much.
cornerthemarketcap and similar apis. You won't see the manipulation only if you are absolutely blind. not that fake reddit subscriptions count for anything,
bumped it up to 199k.
Now they apparently are managing to insert bugs even in the parasitic copy&paste "development" process.
Now compare this to the volume sustained by ltc in