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Try not to be such a little bitch of consumerism and instant gratification.
Second academic Monday Memo!

If you have the time and strength, seek employment (doesn't have to be related to your field) while studying so you can gain work experience as well as financial independence.
Sorry to hear that. I've noticed you disappeared from Twitter recently. Here's hoping you get your account back soon. If not, then I'll hang out here more often.
How about some academic Monday Memos for a change, starting now?

If you plan on attending university, find a field that interests you and is sought after in the real world. Don't seek degrees just to pad your resume.
Certainly not free as in "free beer", that's for sure!
I also find Memo more entertaining myself. It's a shame more people aren't on here, though, but I guess the thought of having to pay for immutable posts is discouraging to some.
No doubt, BCH as a currency is really important. But in terms of using BCH I think memo is more fun than buying things. Are all txs equally important for BCH adoption?
Monday Memo!

Make sure to maintain a healthy work-life balance and adapt it to your needs every now and then. Work is fine if you enjoy doing it, but as in all good things in life, you should practice moderation.
Monday Memo!

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day, everyone! Take some time today to reflect on King's role in the civil rights movement and whether or not he'd be satisfied with his legacy, were he still alive today.
Here's my second Monday Memo!

If you appreciate a FOSS project, then contribute to it, even if it's a little time or money. Don't be put off from contributing because you think you need to be a programmer to do so.
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I could say the same. I can't believe I haven't used Memo since August; I feel guilty. Fortunately, I plan to participate more often from now on.
It feels good to use memo once again.. i missed you memo!
Greetings! This is my very first Monday Memo, one of many more to come.

The Bitcoin network turned ten four days ago, so let's continue using and building on Bitcoin. Every transaction, every contribution matters!
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I caught up with Roger Ver while in Tokyo earlier this year, and we talked about why he believes Bitcoin is the best tool for human liberty that the world has ever seen.
Thanks!! :) :)
Dear Memo users, let's welcome Naomi Brockwell to Memo!
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I have 85 followers whose usernames I've exported earlier today to a spreadsheet, and only they shall be eligible to participate, for the sake of fairness.
If Croatia wins the World Cup Final, and I'm certain it will, then I'll give away some BCH (amount TBD) to a random Twitter follower. I'll write this here as irrefutable, immutable proof I made such a promise.
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DAY 32

MATCH #64/64

Sunday, 15 July, 15:00 UTC


1) Place your bets as tips when you vote

2) No like-betting pls

Max: 100 mil sats/bet
Min: 1k sats/bet
France to advance to the next round (1.30x) 7 votes (6 unique) · 3,227,500 satoshis
Croatia to advance to the next round (2.60x) 17 votes (17 unique) · 6,560,834 satoshis
[Regular time] France - 0.5 goals (1.90x) 4 votes (4 unique) · 553,000 satoshis
[Regular time] Croatia + 0.5 goals (1.90x) 1 votes (1 unique) · 500,000 satoshis
[Regular time] Over 2.5 goals (2.55x) 1 votes (1 unique) · 10,000 satoshis
[Regular time] Under 2.5 goals (1.30x) 0 votes (0 unique) · 0 satoshis

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