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Coinbase finally released BSV coins. you can send them to another wallet, but Cash out is not available yet.
Ether price is now higher than BCH. People are stupid and BCH is clearly super cheap right now. Buy them up before the market figures out what's going on.
Everyone in the industry already knows that Calvin Ayre said he would go with the coin that won the hash war(BCH). Anybody that says differently is either lying or stupid or both.
Where is the crypto world really when Litecoin can take the 4th spot based on some corny bogus Mimble Wimble news? Another one of Charlie Lee's bogus pump and dumps. Nothing new.
BCH won't be at the correct price until Coinbase releases the BSV coins. Many people will sell their BSV and buy BCH. Not everybody will do that but many will.
Bitcoin Cash notes are now available for purchase. Kind of pricey at about 4.00 a pop, but they say as more people buy the price will come down. I bought 5 myself to check them out.
Marco Coino has been kind of dead the last few weeks. Kind of disappointing. Hopefully it's just because businesses are not adding their business to the app.
Did coinbase forget they owe some people some BSV coins? There hasn't been an update on anything since Nov 26th. Getting tired of waiting. This is ridiculous.
Where is there a question? Looks like a statement to me.
What is this exactly saying? There are 1.77 transactions on chain for every transaction that is being traded?
You like more than Trump. And damn that is hard to do.
There was a video. It was a video on this supposed scientific evidence that Vaccinations cause autism.
Trump is not a Republican. He is a Narcissistic failed businessman who is only doing what's good for him. He will screw anybody that allows him to do so. And there are many.
It''s not an attack. It's the truth.
At what point in this video do they show scientific evidence? I watched half of it and turned ti off. Let me know at what time frame. Otherwise it's just propaganda.
Bitcoin system or Sotashi system? Bitcoin system is a peer to peer electronic cash system which is what BCH is. Sotashi system has issues.with Bottle necks. BSV will fail
You really are a dumbass moron. Trump could put shit in your drink and sell it to you as something with nutritional value. You are just a brainwashed turd.
Trump on the tube lying to the American people and fear mongering again. 2020 can't come soon enough. Throw the turd to the dogs.
Do you also know there are the fewest people crossing the border since 1971? Even Reagan in the 80's said there are better alternatives than building a wall.
Yep. Trump Trash. You don't even know what's going on. 5 Billion for a wall? LOL. You do know that's a down payment. Where's the other 30-50 billion going to come from?
Well can always add BCH. It won't kill them either. I really don't care though because I don't use Fivebucks anyway. But just making a point
BCH is going to TB blocks. Good luck with that.
Nobody is stopping you from using BCH to get the discount. Just like nobody is stopping anybody from buying BTC for store of value. It's your choice.