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· 89 days ago
Looks like it was 8 blocks. A few hours of SV transactions where just wiped out. Ironically this was one of CSW's threats to attack the BCH chain.
Bitcoin SV chain just got re-orged: https://forkmonitor.cash/
Okminer, GMO and rawpool are not around - only thing i noticed is when CSW was asked about rawpool he said they are on BTC, waiting for a time to come and make profit
#BitcoinCash is currently 41% ahead on proof of work.
Bitcoin Cash is currently 18 blocks ahead. #BCH #BCHABC
We are here to make Bitcoin Cash again and not to castrate it at 32MB.
Lmao did you actually read the comment thread in the link you sent me? This is proven misrepresentation of facts. It is a false claim pushing the FUD.
DYOR stop spreading lies & FUD
BSV has no shot. The only thing they will accomplish is slowing adoption for BCH with all the chaos. If that's a goal, then oh well. It is what it is. Meanwhile Diamcoin coming to BCH
What happens to bitcoin's price when most cryptos can be bought without BTC, and we're left with a bitcoin that's simply slow and expensive? https://listed.fuelgoodtribe.com/3337/is-the-emperor-bitcoin-naked
International Patents cost over 100,000. It's possible Ryan X cut a deal with the devil and now he is stuck with NCHAIN. This is my "OPINION" only.
Nothing. That's why it's being dumped to the ground. (And lower)
Kraken is a good example on what happens when you threat everyone...
Very nice. I figured somebody would do that. Much quicker than I thought. Nice.
BTC in the $4k range now.
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· 89 days ago
haha. one can always find some name if he/she wants.
yes. I accidently destroyed the ones I got from you the last time by using a non-SLP wallet :(
*yawn* any more talking points I should hear for the millionth time?
Patents mean control. Trying to widdle away the competition. Blah Blah Blah.
Does SV shills have anything constructive to offer? Just a tad bit?
LOL. #BTC trasaction fees are up again - "The fastest and cheapest transaction fee is currently 54 satoshis/byte, shown ...." #WTF! few h ago it was 13 sat/b
That's your opinion.
I can't sign up for this website. Doesn't take my phone number and can't sign in any other way.
No the guy who is "Supposedly" creating money for the world, has patents to "Protect" his investment. He want's to own the SV Chain.
400 patents on blockchain. You would defend party poop if you had to.