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Super Full Moon In Virgo- Energy Update
How To Get People To Go Vegan - The Disclosure Podcast (Episode 2)
And how wouldn't using a hobby telescope that prove Flat Earth instead of Sphere Earth? :D
What's IIRC?
Apparently there's an entire topic on Erastosthenes:
Curvature Measured in 200BC.
"to explain starts movement differences between hemispheres"
Could you explain what you mean further?
LIVE: At Anarcopolco, One Of The Largest Anarchist Gatherings!
Sorry, but unless you provide reasoning for that, you're just being closed-minded.
The Truth Behind Brave Browser & BAT Basic Attention Token
Your name fits this comment very well.
No. Fucking. Kidding.
That goddamn payout schedule.
*gets headache trying to understand*
Oh I know. That doesn't mean it isn't the most well-known.
Reconsidering Flat Earth
Memo, Facebook, and Cent: An Update of the Social Networks I Use and Why
Love me, hate me or want to kill me...
Guilt-Free Freedom
Smart Pipe Needs Your Help
Well I guess that answers my question as to whether eye1 meant me or you.
Government By Emergency
How is BSV centralized?
KEYWORD DUMB | adult swim smalls

"this is what future historians will say was an early example of proto-bimbopunk"
Brule on Sushi | Check It Out! With Dr. Steve Brule | Adult Swim