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or if the court wants to go along with it they’ve been very creative in interpreting laws as written before.
they'll throw it out & he'll issue another slightly different order until it's accepted. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legal_challenges_to_the_Trump_travel_ban
4 txns is a stress test? What kind of cripple coin do you think memo is built on, BTC? BCH can handle millions of txns per day.
aww, I’ve offended your fragile sensibilities. welcome to the internet. grow up.
Has anyone checked out the Socialism topic on Memo? It got about as many posts as a Socialist grocery store has food... not much
which court will toss it out? the one where he's replacing the justices?
"Looks like *I* just need to" "Sorry *I* triggered you" glad you know you're not special.
they dont create fear if they cant be used...
help when fighting rebels. They weren’t used (or useful) in fighting or influencing (with fear!) the pops in Vietnam, Korea, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan.
“You *can* control a population with just those things too, using a little something called fear”. Yeah, Japan…another nation state. Nukes keep nation-states inline. They dont
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where did you go?
lr, was worried you'd found some common sense. glad you're back.
I’ve posted many memos at once as replies since I started on memo. You’re not special, snowflake.
Yes, using nukes to control rebels is “idiotic conjecture, and blatantly false.”
Instead of unnatural/human solutions (CO2 scrubbing, blocking sunlight) that might have even more negative externalities.
but there are natural processes that can cool the whole planet & remove CO2 from the environment. seems that we would want to know how these processes works & help them along.
Not to mention, rebel groups dont just all clump together in a convenient city away from valuable targets or civilians…
You know, to force the people in neighboring cities to be “hella” attentive & cower in fear & achieve power and control of the region.