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I have noticed this sometimes too. How often does it happen to you?
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Thanks for reporting. How often do you see this? These are often due to bitcoin node connectivity issues which have been mostly resolved.
Lovesong for Satoshi Nakamoto Whitepaper

My music video from 2015 just hit 100k views :) Thank you so much everyone for watching!!

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Memo uses unsplit coins. Try to send BSV
As long as you use legacy address you can send to a wallet outside of memo.
this memo aged well
it hurts to read that fact
i'm antisplit on here but think SV is the way forward!
just watched your presentation tonight, thanks a lot!
Second academic Monday Memo!

If you have the time and strength, seek employment (doesn't have to be related to your field) while studying so you can gain work experience as well as financial independence.
Love the memo team! They allow us to keep on posting even w/o funds. Just got sent 10k sats by the team. :)
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It is planned, but probably not anytime soon. Cashaddr is just a different format. You can still use those addresses you just need to convert to legacy format.
· 5d
No, only legacy address format is supported.
· 5d
You can send to any address using this form (link in user menu):
Yes, great idea. Make the faucet a source that gives users with no money to post, but limited to a few posts a day.

The faucet could help adoption and certainly remove waste!