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Flat-earthers are the most retarded people on the planet.
Why do you hate this planet?
Sorry, but flat earth is the lowest point of ignorance and stupidity.
Reconsider getting a brain.
I see many retards claim that they choose SV because they felt their roadmap is what's good for their projects.

SV does not have a roadmap, they just try to say what you want to hear until they flip narratives again
No. It cleansed Bitcoin. Just like the BTC-BCH split did.
Currently, speculation is dominant (hoping that some sucker will buy it higher off you) which makes these networks shitcoins.
all of crypto is stagnating in the shitcoin stage.
Cultists gonna cult.
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· 1 day ago
Bullshit #CultOfCraig propaganda.
To support #BitcoinSV and #BitcoinCore you'll need a lot of ignorance or mental retardation.
Fluffypony has been in bed with the #CultOfCore for years. I guess that's needed to get his shitcoin tolerated.
"Piling every proof-of-work quorum system in the world into one dataset doesn't scale." - Satoshi Nakamoto
I see that as its main weakness. This is why the BTC devs are disincentivised from improving the BTC network, and will instead try to push people to LN.