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If you were debtor, you will have to pay 4 times interest to creditor when the avg blktime reduce to 2.5 min. Therefore the blktime should not change.
I prefer avalanche and bobtail to solve the fast conf problem, rather than modify the settle period(block time)
Whats your opinion on this? I don't see significant benefits of changing the block time. Instead I prefer that instant 0-conf payment technology is further improved upon.
Not shown on Memo.cash. Memo.cash shows the ABC chain it seems.
Test BSV
yes. I accidently destroyed the ones I got from you the last time by using a non-SLP wallet :(
On Binance is still 95$
We know who CSW is. That's for sure.
Yes, would you like some?
Nope it's already been renamed Shit Version.
haha. one can always find some name if he/she wants.
You are such a moron. If that's what ABC was doing then they wouldn't own a hell of a lot more BCH than BTC. They own much less of BTC because of blockstream. Stop spreading fud.
we use both here on Memo. Ryan chose SV for Yours.org and Moneybutton.
I will use Memo until I am out of sats. After that I will only use it if I can deposit ABC coins, since I will propably sell my BSV tokens.
Stop making up shit. This amount of blocks is normal giving the sudden major increase in hashpower on the ABC side, DAA will catch up shortly.
Hey dude! You made the MAT token with SLP?
Actually it's better to get the hashwars out now and build a more solid foundation. You Forget BCH has only been around a little over a year. It's still in infancy stage. 👶
Looks nice, added on my reading list
divide and rule.
Bitcoin Cash continues to be peer to peer electronic cash. BSV controlled by a Hitler. Good luck on that.