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Home made mayonnaise is the best. Have you gone down the home made hollandaise rabbit hole? Next level!
Goddamn.gif that sounds amazing.
OTC trading is going to get so much easier with Bitcoin Cash. Really excited for

Expected to gain back something post water fast. So far no wild swings. Could mean I hit goal weight by Friday! Final day of weight loss competition for 5 BCH. I might win this thing!💪 #dailymemo

Tips for luck💸
@lugaxker describe this burger - what kinda toppings we dealing with? As someone who's been avoiding Burgs I need to live vicariously. On chain. I need oz, sauce, toppings. Please dish. 🍔
Superb day in the park with my guitar and a cup of a coffee. Music breaks down walls, in spite of the language barrier. feelsgood.jpg
My saturday looked like coffee over catching up on emails. A stop at the gym. Lunch with my wife. Wandering Shibuya in the rain. Found a new shirt. Ice coffee. And wandering back home to study.
Fit into a size S button up for the first time in years.

Gym + OMAD + Keto + sobriety has been a game changer these past 4 months.
Finished my day 5 fast. Had a superb steak lunch with ogcryptoskier and the sheman - feeling great.

Start of fast: 178.5 lb / 80.9kg
End of fast: 171 lb / 77.5kg

Compete with friends for bch w/ a multisig. It helps
Don't forget to share #dailymemo on twitter to help bring some Bitcoin Cash folk back to participate onchain
Day 4 of the water fast was a cake walk. Craving steak and raw tuna. But not hungry. Crazy how much extra work I can get done. Tomorrow's the last day. Then celebration meal.
Huge part of it! I think with more polished products that integrate Bitcoin Cash, as well as some large retail adoption. Those people around you will be quick to come around. Utility first!
Day 3 water fast got a bit rough. Was low on electrolytes and got a bit dizzy. Not hungry so much as weak. Taking a day off the gym to regroup for tomorrow.
That seems like a good strategy. I think it's always smart to diversify.
Not sure where to start on this #dailymemo business? Follow this thread and post something clever. What are you doing today? What are you most grateful for? What are you eating for dinner? etc
Did you see?! CashAccounts pull request for badger. Check it out!

Day 1 water fast complete - busted through my plateau. All this money I'm saving on food I might put towards another snowboard trip this weekend.
The podcast is good too. Kelso where you at?!
I'm hungry for tacos.
How have the Spice Bois not created a topic yet?! 🌶️🔥
Started a water fast today. I am aqua man. 🐳🐳🐳
Waiting for the day someone comes up with a Bitcoin Cash version of "Another day, another dollar"

Whatchu got memo?👂🕶️
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Any plans for ipfs uploads or inclusion of images to posts?
If you thought filing taxes was hard, try doing it in Japan. This entire system is rigged to suck. To add insult to injury, governments make you work hard for them, then steal your money on top of that. Uncool guys.