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unwriter alone is a huge advantage for BSV. That person is incredible. Lots of people don’t get concept of unchanged platform. Amaury too because he is blinded by his own needs/relevancy/ego.
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My life is so miserable... I wish I received more likes. ☹️😩
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BITCOIN has massive amount of PROPAGANDA around it & you are likely victim of it.
Well memo should work on onboarding more people. Not sure if there is any incentive for them to do it though.
what if you are wrong?
It is planned to support profile images that are stored on-chain.
@memo could you add support for this long image links as profile pictures?
Hashwar ended, so they were turned off.
No, we want bitcoin that is unbounded, that scales, that can be stable base for the real crypto revolution. Why do you even care about SV at this point? Go BCHing somewhere else :p
No more splits means BSV will do well. Three camps: BTC small blocks, no HF; BCH medium blocks, experimental protocol 6 mo HFs; BSV stable protocol, massive blocks.
and a 100MB block as a birthday gift ;)
Other coins either are anti state, anti law, anti scale or anti people - scams. Without working within law there wont be state adoption. Without scale there wont be corp.adoption
Bsv will succeed because of the economics behind it and working within existing laws. It benefits companies, honest states and people. Its win win win.
Obviously Roz. Im just pointing out Sams lack of logic and IQ. Its a common theme in anti-SV'ers that needs to be called out publicly.
Avalanche aka proof of stake pre consensus junk? It seems like good idea but it isnt. Ask Ryan today what he thinks about it.
CSW is major part of Satoshi group. (Incl Dave Kleiman). Only retards dont see it and noone cares if they dont see that. In the end, its their loss.
Great idea for a centrally planed miners uncompetitive socialist coin.
No it has some issues. It changes the "incentives of bitcoin", it changes how bitcoin works, it's not necessary, and some others things
Amaury explains it better and simpler:"Basically, it is like Ripple" RIP
A recent interview on youtube. >> actuallly, you should know:
Let's wait and see. What if they do mine 128 or 512 next year? That it was fake? It doesnt count? Just curious.
This can be said about 99% of coins... including btc and bch.
Wondering if bitmain is pumping before q4 ends?
There are to many idiots that don't understand the bitcoin whitepaper and what it offers. This is why we have shitcoins and stupid changes forced into protocol. BSV needs to win.
Who is then censoring BSV point of view on r/BTC and hates CSW? isn't it happening? BTW there can be only ONE coin, only with one it really makes sense.