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Separation of currency and state.


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Seeing that some UK citizens who voted for BREXIT themselves live outside of the UK, and enjoyed freedom of movement, is kind of crazy.
When asked how you feel about the crypto bear market.
The judges are an effective check and balance against some of his crazier ideas. Many people forget when they hear crazy laws that judges have the final say, and can toss out a law.
Well, the courts have tossed out some of his executive orders before. Since there is no basis for this national emergency it isn't a stretch to think it will be tossed out as well.
How can you pretend the idea has been debunked?
I see that as its main weakness. This is why the BTC devs are disincentivised from improving the BTC network, and will instead try to push people to LN.
International politics can get out of hand. As the developing nations become new super powers thigs can get tense.
Right, people should complain more and have something done.
Police raid the place expects to do a cannabis grow OP. Find q mining setup instead.
As long as you use legacy address you can send to a wallet outside of memo.
Show them as well. Not many users, but the ability to have private tables is nice.
Sorry, the term is egotistic altruism.
Ah, so BSV is going to compete with ETH now?
One can not declare that BSV has the best implementation. Especially since it is weaker on the one issue it prides itself on, which is scaling, and being a usable currency.
I think he posts to BSV only now. I think he is trying to convince them that the true vision of Satoshi is communism.
GNU Terry Pratchett
The people LR quite probably have to delete their posts due to how embarrassingly wrong they are. ;) Totally get what you mean though.
Sucks for South Africa. They have been having some bad times, and it looks like it will be getting worse if this is true.
I wonder if the tweet it linked to was deleted?
The deeper one understands math the more beautiful it becomes.
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