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OTC trading is going to get so much easier with Bitcoin Cash. Really excited for https://local.bitcoin.com

Expected to gain back something post water fast. So far no wild swings. Could mean I hit goal weight by Friday! Final day of weight loss competition for 5 BCH. I might win this thing!💪 #dailymemo

Tips for luck💸
#dailymemo Sleep is for the weak!
The demand for a censorship resistant protocol that already works will grow exponentially as legacy competitors are debased.

We see the same effect with bitcoin and legacy money.

Easy bets #dailymemo
Don't forget to share #dailymemo on twitter to help bring some Bitcoin Cash folk back to participate onchain
Not sure where to start on this #dailymemo business? Follow this thread and post something clever. What are you doing today? What are you most grateful for? What are you eating for dinner? etc
Going to give Memo a try again after seeing the #dailymemo post on /r/btc. In today's world censorship and deplatforming has become a huge issue. Memo is a great way to fight that.
I'm a BCH partisan, but I thought the whole 'build' thing was overhyped.

Then I started working with Bitbox.

Now I think it's underhyped.

Joining in on the #dailymemo business. Excited by the potential of censorship-proof social media.
"All government wars are unjust." - Murray Rothbard #dailymemo
Bitcoin Cash and IPFS are the two hottest tech stacks. Going to check out radical.xyz next, which allows git over IPFS, including issues tracking! Uncensorable collaborative coding! #dailymemo
#dailymemo how is everyone doing? I’m a bit tired both because of this really strong wind and not having enough sleep.
Question for everyone: what do you desire most in this world? #dailymemo
great comments. May i add it to #dailymemo ?
My second marathon training begins today! Time to kick some ass! #dailymemo
Let's help spread #dailymemo all across the platform! :D
Happy grinding!

Bitcoin has been relatively boring lately, as long as you don't count the exiled US presidential candidate counseling his fellow Caribbean-bound mega-rich about the perilous "dark alley" of underaged women

Let's spread the #dailymemo to all of memo! :D
Stoked that we now have a full film production team under our PW wings. Things just got crazy. NB: The universe DOES deliver...all that collective yoga & manifestation our team do is paying off. #dailymemo
Drinking prosecco whilst working on our new site launch is called balance, right? #dailymemo
The total domination of all crypto by USDT in 2018 still blows my mind

You never can tell

Satoshi isn't a big twitter account for a reason #dailymemo
Whilst we're on that topic...we just signed up the most amazing jewelry merchant for the site ;-) #dailymemo